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Core Java 6.0 Course Contents
Course Content day wise:
Day 1
• Getting Started with Java SE
o What is Java?
o How to Get Java
o Compiling and Interpreting Applications
o The JDK Directory Structure
o A First Java Program
Day 2
• Object-Oriented Programming
o Classes and Objects
o Fields and Methods
o Encapsulation
o Access Modifiers
o Inheritance
o Polymorphism
Day 3
• JVM Memory Management
o Heap Area
o Method Area
o Multi Thread Memory Accessibility
o Single Thread Memory Accessibility
Day 4
• Methods
o Calling Methods
o Defining Methods
o Method Parameters
o Scope
Day 5
Datatypes and Variables
o Primitive Datatypes
o Non-Primitive Datatypes
o Arrays
Day 6
• Operators and Expressions
• Using the Primitive-Type Wrapper Classes
Day 7
• Control Statements
o Conditional (if) Statements
o Conditional (switch) Statements
Day 8
Control Statements(Cont)
o while and do-while Loops
o for and for each Loop
o The continue Statement
o The break Statement
Day 9
• Scenario 1
o Development of a Stack Application.
Day 10
• Packages
o Packages
o Working with import and static import.
o CLASSPATH and Import
o Defining Packages
o Package Scope
Day 11
• Exception Handling
o Java Exceptions Overview
o Making Custom (User Defined) Exceptions
Day 12
• Input/Output Streams
o Overview of IO Streams
o Introduction of Scanner class
o File Object
o PrintWriter Class
o Reading and Writing Objects
Day 13
• Scenario 2
o Developing an application to encrypt and decrypt a file.
Day 14
• Introduction to Threads
o Overview of Thread
o Life Cycle of A Thread
o Creating Threads
o Creation of Multiple Threads
Day 15
• Scenario 3
o Implementing producer Consumer Application.
Day 16
• Introduction to Applet
• Introduction to AWT
Day 17
• Scenario 4
o Implementing a Attendance Management System
Day 18
• Introduction to Swing
• Core Collection Classes
o The Collections Framework
o Set Interface and SortedSet
o List and Queue Interface
o Map and SortedMap Interface
Day 19
o Introduction to JDBC
o Components of JDBC
o JDBC Types
o The JDBC Connectivity Model
o Connecting to the Database
Day 20
• JDBC SQL Programming
o Understanding Common SQL Statements
o Inserting values in MySQL database table
o Getting the Results from SQL Query
o Updating Database Data
o Advanced JDBC
o Getting column Names from ResultSetMetaData
o Calling to Stored Procedures
o Transaction Management
Day 21
• Java 7 features overview
• Java 8 features overview
o Implementing a Attendance Management System
Note: Assistence will be provided for Resume preparation and Interview Questions.

Courses Offerings

• Android
• AIX Administration
• Business Analyst
• CCNA, CCNP Security
• Citrix XenApp
• Cognos 10 BI & Tm1
• Crystal Reports
• Data Stage
• Dot Net
• Google Web Tool Kit
• Hyperion All Modules
• IBM Commerce server Administration
• IBM Lotus Notes (Development)
• IBM Lotus Notes Domino Server Administration
• IBM Message Broker
• IBM MQ Series
• IBM Tivoli Access Manager
• IBM Web Sphere Application Server Administration (WAS)
• IBM WAS Portal server Development
• IBM Websphere Transformation extender (WTX 8.2)
• Informatica
• I Phone
• Java/J2EE
• J Query
• MicroSoft .NET Technologies (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET)
• Microstrategy
• MicroSoft Business Intelligence
• MicroSoft Dynamics CRM
• OBIEE 11 g
• Oracle APPS – HRMS
• Oracle APPS – SCM
• Oracle APPS – Financial
• Oracle APPS – Technical
• Oracle BI Apps
• Oracle BI Publisher
• Oracle DBA 11g
• Oracle RAC
• Oracle Fusion SOA
• Oracle SQL , PL SQL
• Perl Scripting
• Sales Force CRM
• SharePoint Server 2010
• Shell Scripting
• Siebel CRM , EAI, E-Scripting
• SQL Server DBA
• Springs and Hibernate
• Storage Area Network ( SAN)
• Tera Data
• Testing Tools - QTP, QC, Load Runner, Selenium, ISTQB
• Tivoli Access Manager
• Unix Administration
• VN Ware
• Webmethods
• Webservices , SOAP ( JAVA)

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